Not enough money for a down payment? Don’t give up. It may not be the problem you think. Here are five tips that might make owning your dream home a reality.

Ask lenders about zero-down lending programs.
Search for mortgages online. Call all of the banks and mortgage companies listed in the yellow pages and ask about options. Ask your real estate agent for referrals to lending institutions.


Maintain a good credit rating.
Zero-down loans typically require a satisfactory credit history. Get a copy of your credit report and check for inaccuracies. Resolve any problems as soon as possible.


Talk to your county’s housing department.
There may be federal or locally- backed financing programs with a zero-down option. Take advantage of these.


Check with your employer about financial assistance.
In some fields, like teaching or law enforcement, professional organizations offer financial assistance for home purchases.


Visit with the owners of the home you want to buy.
Are they willing to carry the loan? Sometimes, if you commit to pay more than the asking price – or pay a higher interest rate – sellers carrying the loan won’t require a down payment.